House Rules

All Theatre Facilities House Rules apply.

The following additional rules apply in Spangenberg Theater:


  1. Flyrail, Attic, Grid, and Tech Booth access is limited to authorized personnel only.

  2. There is no access to the prop loft on stage right.

  3. The storage closet on stage right must remain accessible.

  4. No fasteners, screws, lags, bolts, nails, etc. may be inserted in to the stage floor.

  5. Removal of the orchestra pit covers must be coordinated in advance. Labor charges may apply.

  6. Use of the green room & dressing room must be coordinated in advance. Back of House areas may not be available during a rental period due to school use.


  1. The stairs between the stage and the house must be secured in place. The handrails shall not be removed.

  2. The lighting shall be set at a level that ensures the aisles are visible at all times the building is occupied.

  3. Temperature controls will only be operated by theater staff.


  1. Nothing may be hung from the chandeliers.

  2. Artwork may not be removed from the walls.

  3. The music classrooms are not available for rental.


  1. Any advertising, posters, marketing, or displays around campus must follow the Gunn High School Publicity rules (included below) and be approved by the Gunn High School Student Activities Office prior to posting.

Publicity Rules 2019.pdf