House Rules

All Venues

The rules listed on this page apply to all venues. The Haymarket Theater, PAHS Performing Arts Center, and Spangenberg Theater each have an addendum with venue-specific rules.

Please review the linked addendums that are specific to each venue. This page and the venue addendum are the full package of house rules referenced in the Facilitron Application questionnaire.


1) Any modification to the House requires a permit issued by the PAFD. The Theatre Facilities Supervisor must be involved in the permit application, please contact us if this applies.

2) Do not block or create obstacles near fire escape routes, red zones, yellow zones, doors and stairs, fire extinguishers, or defibrillation units.

3) Dressing and display methods must be approved by theater staff prior to load-in and must be completely removed at strike.

4) Technical areas in the house (camera position, audio position, tech tables, etc.) shall not block accessible seating. Positions must use areas designated by theater staff. All cables which intersect any aisle or walkway must be taped down using proper gaffer’s tape or carpets and removed at strike.

5) User will use signs on seats or ribbon (no tape) to section-off or designate special seating. Rope must be removed when the section is occupied.

6) There is no food, gum, or drink (except water), allowed in the house, onstage, backstage, or in the tech booth.

7) Tech booth access limited to technical production staff/volunteers.

8) Performers will not apply make-up or dress in the house or lobby. Hairspray must be applied outside the building. Glitter is not allowed.

9) Animals are prohibited with the exception of ADA service animals in service.

10) House max seating occupancy shall not exceed the venue’s seating capacity. Standing Room tickets are not allowed. User will monitor at the door.


1) User will ensure that performers and tech crew practice general theatre and stage safety procedures at all times.

2) Do not block or create obstacles near fire escape routes, RED zones, YELLOW zones, doors and stairs.

3) Do not operate the fly system, work on loading platform, or enter the grid/rafters without theater staff approval.

4) All scenery and rigging is subject to inspection, approval, and modification by theatre facilities staff. No rigging, materials, or construction that is deemed unsafe will be permitted.

5) User will provide all their own necessary rigging, tape, tie-line, extension cords, etc. to support their event needs.

6) All scenery, properties, and soft goods used must be flame-proofed before they may be used on stage. User must show certification of flame proofing upon request and all goods are subject to inspection.

7) CA State law and PAUSD policy prohibits fire of any kind, e.g. candles, matches, lighters, incense, pyrotechnics, etc.

8) Strobe lighting, ultra-violet light, and any special effects must be approved by Theatre Facilities Supervisor prior to load-in. Notices must be posted in the lobby for any performance using such effects.

9) Any weapons to be used in performance must be approved prior to the day of the event by Theatre Facilities Supervisor. Stage firearms must not be capable of firing any projectile. Firearms that fire blank cartridges are not permitted. Stage knives must be dulled. Any prop that is deemed to be unsafe will be confiscated. Prop weapons must be transported and stored in an opaque, lockable case.

10) Use only proper spike tape or gaff tape on the stage floor. Use only blue painters tape on walls. All tape must be removed at strike.

11) Do not exceed onstage max occupancy (varies by venue).

12) Hairspray must be applied outside the building. Glitter is not allowed.

Lobby/Plaza/Surrounding Area

1) Dressing and display methods must be approved by theater staff prior to load-in and must be completely removed at strike. Blue painters tape must be used for any signs attached to walls.

2) All office, classroom, and supply room doors must be kept clear at all times.

3) Do not block or create obstacles near fire escape routes, red zones, yellow zones, doors and stairs.

4) Do not distribute stickers, decals, or anything adhesive to patrons.

5) Any signs posted on painted walls must use the provided bulletin boards or blue painters tape. Do not use duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape or any other kinds of adhesives.

6) CA State law and PAUSD policy prohibits smoking, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or fire of any kind in the theatre or on school property

7) User will impress upon their patrons the proper traffic routes into and out of campus parking.

8) Auto Liability must be included for any and all vehicular activity on campus beyond the parking lot, e.g. audio vendors, caterers, flower delivery, etc.

9) Custodial service must be arranged and labor charges are incurred for events that include food service; inform Theatre Facilities Supervisor if this applies.

10) User must vacate the campus premises after exiting the facility at the end of the event.


1) User will not include Theatre Facilities telephone number on any marketing, promotional and/or informational material.

2) Prior to every performance an announcement containing the following information must be made: the locations of all fire exits; special warnings regarding the use of lighting effects (e.g. strobes), sudden or sharp noises (e.g. gunshots), etc. This announcement may be incorporated into a curtain speech. Theater Facilities can provide a standard recording containing this information.

3) User will comply with the most stringent applicable fire, life safety, and entertainment technology codes/guidelines as expected in a public Performing Arts facility.

4) User will follow and adhere to all directions by theater staff.

5) Users will provide and are responsible for their own technicians’ qualification and preparation to handle the task(s) set before them.

6) User will ensure adequate time for orientation of Tech Crew on tech booth equipment before rehearsal/performance begins.

7) Styrofoam food containers, scenery, or decorations are not allowed.

8) User will ensure a final walk through with Theatre Manager prior to exiting facility at end of event.

9) Strike is end-of-show load-out and Restore is bring House to original condition, including light plot and stage maintenance. Labor charges will be incurred for any time dedicated to “restore House to original condition” performed by theatre staff.

10) Charges will be incurred for house rules violations and damages to the facility or equipment/materials during facility use.

11) Theatre Facilities will provide one theater technician as a facility monitor with the rental of a theatre. Labor charges may apply. Additional staff may be required at the discretion of the Theatre Facilities Supervisor. Labor charges may apply.

12) User’s Facility Use Permit may be revoked whenever there has been a violation of the theatre house rules or any district facility rental policy or regulation.

Theatre House Rules Handout.pdf