Haymarket Theater


The Haymarket Theater was built in 1918 as part of the original Palo Alto High School campus. It was originally called the Auditorium, and was renamed to the Haymarket in the 1970s. The venue has an intimate proscenium stage, a half fly tower, and a large green room. The Haymarket Theater is ideal for speaking presentations, film screenings, small theatrical shows, jazz, and more.

Haymarket Theater lobby display table, bulletin boards, chandeliers and museum gallery track lighting.Steinway piano on stage with audience seats in the background.Straight on view of the stage, piano, and main curtain from the balcony.Angled view from stage looking out at audience seats.Straight on view looking at audience seats from center stage.Angled view of stage from balcony seating.Straight on view of stage from the balcony, showing more of the seating.View of the piano, seats, and balconies from upstage center.Theater balcony seating with railing, facing the stage.Close up detail of green theater seats, light wood armrest, grey seatbacks, and safety railing on front of balcony.