House Rules

All Theatre Facilities House Rules apply.

The following additional rules apply in the Performing Arts Center:


  1. Flyrail, Box Boom, Grid, Tech Booth, Tech Level, and Lighting Catwalk access is limited to authorized personnel only.

  2. There is no access to the costume room backstage.

  3. The storage closet on stage must remain accessible.

  4. The orchestra pit elevator shall only be operated by a trained district staff member.

  5. No fasteners, screws, lags, bolts, nails, etc. may be inserted in to the stage floor or walls.


  1. No climbing/jumping on or off the front edge of the stage.

  2. Each box section has a maximum capacity of four spaces. Additional chairs may not be added in any aisle.

  3. Removal of seats or installation of orchestra pit seating requires advance notice and labor charges will apply.


  1. Nothing may be hung from the chandeliers.

  2. Artwork may not be removed from the walls.